DMK proudly presents an new Passivate free from hexavalent Chromium, which will give deeply yellow deposits. More than known thus far, the look resembles that of conventional yellow chromates; the corrosion protective characteristcs are surprisingly high.


DMK presents an new class of electroplated zinc layers, which can be made in chloride as well as in alcaline-cyanide free electrolytes. By a defined micro-roughness matte-shining zinc deposits are directly electroplated with a corrosion resistence which, under comparatively equal conditions, is higher than that of electroplated conventional bright zinc deposits.


This new Highly Productive Electroless Nickel Process will give high-phosphourous deposits. The operation over the life-span has been really improved: Maintenance is much more easy, and the likeliness of uncontrolled deposits in areas where the passivation is no more working and / or in areas of high turbulence is much less than with conventional processes. Of course, the deposits are free from hazardous heavy metals.

ELOC - 6

Meanwhile, well-known German carmakers have released this process for use according to their specifications.

ELOC - 6

During the Stuttgart Automotive Conference on Nov, 6th, 2003, the result of the second field test of the task group "Chrom-VI-free Passivation Systems" were presented to the public. Please click here . The ELOC - process has proved to meet the most modern requirements of such systems. Contact


Developing this system, we succeeded in improving the metal distribution over the current density range. You will readily see that the ratio between the low and high thickness is beeing reduced - which also is reason for a much higher brightness at a wider range of deposits from this process. Contact

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